Getting Started with D3

Getting Started with D3


This course will teach you how to use D3 to tame your data, and how to use different data visualization tools to communicate to your users.

D3 is a breakthrough visualization library for creating compelling displays for your data. It is high-level enough to be comprehensible and effective to work with, and low-level enough to give you very fine control over what’s going on. In this course, Getting Started with D3, you’ll learn how to work with the D3 API. First, you’ll explore how D3 delivers its content with SVG. Next, you’ll discover how to create complex but comprehensible line charts. Finally, you’ll learn how to work with other chart types and make your visualizations interactive. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of working with D3 to communicate effectively with data.

Last Updated 6/2022

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