Generative AI for .NET Developers with Google AI

Generative AI for .NET Developers with Google AI


Welcome to the “Generative AI for .NET Developers with Google AI” course!

Are you a .NET developer looking to harness the power of Generative AI in your applications without diving too deep into the complexities of Machine Learning and Data Science? If so, this course is tailor-made for you!

In this comprehensive course, you’ll discover how to seamlessly integrate Google’s advanced Generative AI capabilities into your C# code through the Vertex AI API. Designed by a developer, for developers, no prior knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) or Data Science is needed. It focuses on practically, giving you just enough of the what and why, and then a lot of the how.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain a strong foundation in Generative AI, understand the mechanics of how generative AI generates new content, and explore the driving force behind it all—the Google PaLM2 Large Language Model. You’ll also learn the art of prompt engineering, using Generative AI Studio, you will engineer prompts that yield impressive results tailored to your specific use cases.

The core of the course focuses on practicality. You’ll be guided through the process of seamlessly integrating the Google Vertex AI API into your .NET applications. And the best part? You’ll build your very own generative AI application to practice your newly acquired Gen AI skills.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to integrate the Google Vertex AI API into your C# code
  • Develop a GenAI Bot in C# with ASP .NET Core MVC
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Generative AI from a Developer’s perspective
  • Learn how to use Generative AI Studio to design prompts
  • Learn about Prompt Engineering best practices
  • Understand how LLM model parameters affect creativity in responses

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your .NET development toolkit with the creative possibilities of Generative AI. Enroll today and unlock a new dimension of software development!

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Software Developers


  • Basic proficiency in C#
  • No prior knowledge of ML or Data Science is needed

Last Updated 1/2024

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