Full Time Go Dev

Full Time Go Dev


These secret techniques will make you earn 6-figures FAST while you complete any GO task with the speed of light

Step-By-Step Bulletproof Process For Devs Knowing ANY Language

All Fundamental-To-Advanced GO Concepts With The Real World Examples

No BS & Straight To The Point Practical Content Not Known To The Public Before

Core Mechanics In Top-Class Implementation & Best Performing Design Patterns

Simply Explained And Easy To Follow System To Level Up Skills In No Time

Led By Multi-Award Winning International GO Master

Dear developer,
I get it.
You dream of becoming a 6-figure programmer able to destroy any task with ease.
You know reaching that state is hard, especially when there’s no help from above.
Being left with all compiler errors is no-gucci as they only produce more headaches.
More sleepless nights when you’re thinking “how to not get fired”.
“How do I finally solve that problem after X days and learn all the crazy coding concepts”?
“Where do I find the teacher who will lead me to the top echelons of the coding society”?
Somehow, you manage to fall asleep.
But the next day brings the feeling of your hair going fifty-shades-of-grey.
Knowing you need more dopamine hits to stay productive.
You spend countless hours on finding the winning piece of code on the internet.
Searching StackOverflow for the answers to get rid of all the warnings.
Deep down you know your workmates and free courses won’t make you a pro.
So you buy this “amazing course” that was titled to change your life forever.
After watching the half (my God, that long?) you understand you knew more before.
Very simple and more-theory than practice examples and concepts.
That’s one of those courses that promises gold but delivers copper.
You must break this pattern and start digging for gold where it is.
If you spend 50 hours with a miner barely understanding how to use a pickaxe…
You just wasted time (and most likely resources)!
But if you spend 50 hours with a miner who spent his entire life hitting rocks in the wild,
You are guaranteed to learn mining to perfection.
People copy other people’s minds to learn something new.
And to become the best of the best, it’s important to download the brain of a professional.
A true master who’s been through all possible problems and has answers to all.
The mind that will help you gain respect among all your friends (and workmates).
Being recognized in your company, or even on international coding waters.
Finding a highly paid job knowing you’re the “one” that top-tier companies are looking for.
Reaching the top 1% of all programmers in the highest demand among the tech companies.
Starting your own software business that helps to solve real world problems.
This is your best chance to download a brain from the industry leader.
Most likely your one-in-a-lifetime chance to boost your career with power like never before.
To skyrocket your confidence with people and with coding like a pro (in GO).
To become exceptionally good & blow people’s mind when they see your pull requests.
If you value your future and wish only the best for yourself,
I’m waiting on the other side.

If you love programming but hate

Spending hours searching the Internet and finding “solutions” that lead to more problems

Being alone with the tasks, not knowing where to get the help from

Having no clue how to properly boost your career and learning progress

Paying “gurus” for the length-inflated courses teaching you less than you already know

Missing concepts with design patterns stopping you from building and scaling complex applications

Then this life-changing course if RIGHT FOR YOU

Learn GO as fast as humanly possible (BLAZINGLY FAST)

Absorb and understand beginner-to-expert concepts

Always up-to-date content with the latest version-specific syntax

Exceed all your expectations with exceptionally original teaching techniques

Ultra fast-growing, always active, and supporting Discord community

Your confidence in GO will BLOW UP through the roof

Released 5/2023

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