Full Stack GraphQL With Spring boot Kotlin and React Apollo

Full Stack GraphQL With Spring boot Kotlin and React Apollo


Are you someone who want to learn GraphQL with spring boot Kotlin & React and how to test GraphQl application then you are in right place :).

In Easy way you will learn How to create full stack project with Spring boot GraphQl and React With JWT based Authentication and Authorization.

This course enables you as a GraphQL engineer who can explain graphQL in simple words to anyone.

Throughout the course, we will practice a lot writing graphql schema and we will understand how the graphQL ecosystem works with spring boot.

You will learn what is GraphQl and how to set up the graphQL project with spring boot & React With Security Using JWT.

What is GraphQL?

A query language for your API

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.

Ask for what you need,

get exactly that

Send a GraphQL query to your API and get exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. GraphQL queries always return predictable results. Apps using GraphQL are fast and stable because they control the data they get, not the server.

In this course, you will learn:-

  • What is GraphQL?
  • Difference between GraphQL and REST API
  • How to Setup Spring Security In GraphQL
  • How to use JWT token
  • How to Setup Role based Authorization In GraphQL
  • How to Setup React Application With Apollo Client
  • How to Setup Codegen based Development Workflow
  • Authentication and Authorization At React Level
  • What is Query in GraphQL?
  • What is Mutation in GraphQL?
  • What is Schema in GraphQL?
  • What is QueryResolver in GraphQL?
  • What is MutationResolver in GraphQL?
  • What is FieldResolver in GraphQL?
  • How to Integrate GraphQL application with database using Spring Data JPA.
  • How to write an integration test for graphQL.
  • How to maintain graphQL schema.
  • How to create custom scalar type in graphQL
  • How to perform input validation in graphQl
  • How to transform field value with @Directive
  • How to solve N+1 query problem in graphql
  • Formik With Yup Validation
  • React Router Dom V6 Integration
  • MUI – Material UI with React

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java developers curious about GraphQL


  • Knowledge of Spring Boot – beginner level

Last Updated 4/2023

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