Freelance Mastery: For Web Developers & Designers

Freelance Mastery For Web Developers & Designers


If you are a web developer or a designer and you’re sick of working for other people, the Freelance Mastery course will guide you step by step on how to start and run your own freelancing business and become a successful entrepreneur, whether you are building simple static websites or cutting edge web and mobile applications. We teach you everything from what services you can offer, pricing methods, what your portfolio website should include, niching down, and much more.

About The Authors

Brad Traversy is no stranger to creating courses. He runs Traversy Media and one of the largest coding channels on YouTube. Brad got his start in freelancing. Before ever working for a company, he built his own business from the ground up. It eventually turned into a thriving agency that he ran for years. Eventually, Brad got into technical content and education, hence this course.

Kyle Prinsloo is the co-author of this course and Kyle still runs an extremely successful freelancing business. He is a mastermind when it comes to client outreach and running an ongoing profitable business. Brad will present most of the content in this course, but Kyle had just as much, or even more to do with the knowledge given.

What Will You Learn

The course is broken up into sections to help you with different parts of creating and running an individual business or an agency.

  • First Steps

In this section, we will talk about the mindset that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The minimum skills to start freelancing and go through a business checklist.

  • Your Portfolio Website

Having a well-thought-out portfolio website is absolutely key when it comes to getting clients. We will talk about what exactly should be showcased on your site.

  • Niching Down

Sometimes it’s better to find and stick to a specific niche and become a master in that area.

  • Services & Pricing

Finding the right prices to charge is difficult. We will talk about hourly vs fixed vs value-based pricing. We will also discuss outsourcing work to others to get more done.

  • Getting Clients

One of the most important topics is client outreach. We will look at different methods from freelance platforms to cold calling to social media and more.

  • Proposals and Contracts

learn how to create professional proposals, invoice clients, and create legal contracts

  • The Development Process

This is not a programming course, but we will go over some of the phases of creating a website or application for a client.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers and designers that want to start their own business


  • At the very least, you should know how to create simple websites. No business experience needed. We teach you that part.

Last Updated 11/2022

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