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Flutter Whatsapp Web App Clone Full Stack Web Development


In this course you will learn how to create full stack web applications with real time push notifications for web using firebase ac backend with flutter.

The web itself is a flexible platform, but Flutter is ideal for building web applications like PWAs or SPAs and bringing your existing mobile app to the web. Reach more users. Acquire users beyond app stores without limitations from just a click of a URL in a web browser.

The FCM JavaScript API lets you receive notification messages in web apps running in browsers that support the Push API. This includes the browser versions listed in this support matrix and Chrome extensions via the Push API.

Firebase Cloud Messaging, formerly known as Google Cloud Messaging, is a cross-platform cloud service for messages and notifications for web applications.

Firebase is a set of backend cloud computing services and application development platforms provided by Google. It hosts databases, services, authentication, and integration for a variety of applications.

Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Firebase and Google Cloud. Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps – at global scale.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone who wants to learn website development using flutter
  • anyone who wants to become full stack flutter web app developer


  • you must have some basic programming knowledge
  • you must have some basic flutter knowledge

Last Updated 8/2023

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