Digital Signal Processing Specialization

Digital Signal Processing Specialization


Digital Signal Processing from theory to practice. Discover discrete-time signal and analyze them with the Fourier transform. Manipulate signals with filters. Move back and forth from the analog to the digital world and learn about digital data communication and real-time DSP.

About this Specialization

This Specialization provides a full course in Digital Signal Processing, with a focus on audio processing and data transmission. You will start from the basic concepts of discrete-time signals and proceed to learn how to analyze data via the Fourier transform, how to manipulate data via digital filters and how to convert analog signals into digital format. Finally, you will also discover how to implement real-time DSP algorithms on a general-purpose microcontroller. The solid theoretical bases provided by the four courses in this specialization are complemented by applied examples in Python, in the form of Jupyter Notebooks; exercises with solutions provide a wealth of examples in order to tackle the weekly homework.

Last Updated 6/2023

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