DevSecOps Bootcamp

DevSecOps Bootcamp


In today’s world of continuous integration and continuous delivery, it has become imperative to involve security checks at every step of the process. The automation of build, deployment, and setup preparation processes using DevOps process and automating code review, security scanning, security testing, and vulnerability management using DevSecOps processes improves the quality and security posture of the project while decreasing the chances of human error and overall delivery timeline. Hence, knowledge of DevSecOps has become an important skill for system administrators, security professionals and DevOps professionals.

In this bootcamp, we start with DevOps basics and cover building blocks/components used to create a DevOps pipeline. Then, we learn about integration of security in different phases to convert a DevOps pipeline into a DevSecOps pipeline. We will then learn to design and implement a DevOps pipeline end to end, using threat modeling to identify the threats, plan security measures, and integrate security tools/scanners to the pipeline. In the last session, the attendees will learn to use publicly available CI/CD setups like GitLab for creating a DevSecOps pipeline. At the end of this bootcamp, you will have job-ready skills to begin your journey as a DevSecOps Professional.

Released 5/2023

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