DevOps Antipatterns

DevOps Antipatterns


DevOps antipatterns are decisions you make that seem logical at the time but work against the success of the DevOps model in your overall system and organization. The insidious thing about antipatterns is that they often don’t fail outright, but instead negatively impact your culture, ability to execute, reliability, and costs over time. Understanding and mapping out the core issues and the common DevOps antipatterns that are holding you back from successful DevOps implementation is essential. In this practical solution-focused course, Ernest Mueller and James Wickett discuss the most common DevOps antipatterns that organizations tend to fall into and how to avoid or overcome them. Each video within the course shares a real-world example of common antipatterns and then shares a better way to address challenges to ensure a smooth DevOps journey.

Released 4/2023

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