Design Principles for IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing

Design Principles for IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing


Whether studying for a network design-related exam, or preparing to design a new network for your company, knowing how to formulate a logical IP addressing plan (for IPv4 or IPv6) is critical. This course will lay out for you the steps one should take from doing an initial evaluation of your network up to how to logically implement IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes within that network. You’ll learn about NAT best practices, how contiguous prefix allocation facilitates address summarization, how RFC1918 addressing space is your best option for IPv4 implementation, and where IPv6 prefixes can be purchased. This course will teach you everything you need to know so you are fully prepared to come up with the best IPv4 or IPv6 addressing design possible.

Released 4/2023

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