Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI for Beginners

Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI for Beginners


This is a beginner and intermediate course for Data Analysis using Microsoft Power BI. Beginners would not need to wait for days or months of learning before they could acquire data analysis skills using Microsoft Power BI.

The students would be able to get the general overview of Data Analysis, the roles in Data and specifically what Data Analysts do. Hence, they would be able to relate how Power BI is a very resourceful business intelligence tool to employ in Data Analysis.

Students do not need any prior knowledge or technical skills to really jump into Data Analysis career or start using Power BI. This course could would really bridge that gap of no prior knowledge or experience.

This would also help those aspiring or preparing for PL-300 Microsoft Data Analysis certification have access over reliable 200 practice questions for the exam (certification).

Students can also follow through a simulated scenario of building reports for organization and the various steps to follow to achieve that. Students will learn how they can publish and share their reports so that report consumers can access the reports, gain insights and make informed decisions.

An assignment is also shared at the end of the course for student to have some private hands on practice.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Data Analyst intending to help business derive maximum insight from their data using Power BI
  • Beginner data analyst who needs to get up to speed with Power BI tool
  • Solid foundational course for DAX (Data Analysis eXpression) in Power BI


  • No data analysis prior experience need.

Last Updated 11/2023

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