Configuring and Compiling TypeScript 5 Projects

Configuring and Compiling TypeScript 5 Projects


TypeScript is a programming language related to JavaScript which is used to build full-complexity web applications.

All non-trivial web applications feature interactivity and often render a detailed array of complex information. To help manage and organize these complex applications, you can use TypeScript to add additional features, type safety, and compile-time error checking to most web applications. But how can you most efficiently configure and compile our TypeScript applications, so that the app builds quickly, integrates efficiently with a workflow, and compiles into the most error free and lean application possible? In this course, Configuring and Compiling TypeScript 5 Projects , you’ll learn a wide variety of knowledge and techniques for getting the most of your TypeScript application configuration and compilation. First, you’ll gain an overview of TypeScript configuration and compilation, understanding what business goals mastery of these disciplines can help you accomplish (e.g., improved developer efficiency,) and what tools you’ll be using (tsconfig, tsc.). Next, you’ll learn about TypeScript compilation, including using TSC to compile TypeScript into JavaScript). Finally, you’ll spend the remainder of the course learning and applying the myriad configuration options TypeScript offers. When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to maintain and modify existing TypeScript projects or to scaffold new ones.

Last Updated 3/2023

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