CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)


Get the edge you need to pass the CompTIA Cloud+ exam! In this video you will get targeted training on the objectives covered in the Cloud+ certification exam. It also teaches core skills on major cloud topics including architecture and design, security, deployment, operations, and troubleshooting. Best-selling video author and trainer Chad Smith also provides test question drills throughout, focusing on successful strategies for eliminating incorrect answer choices as well as covering many of the technology terminology prerequisites that will be used in those same questions.

Topics included in this course:

  • Exam Introduction and General Strategies: Introduces the Cloud+ exam materials. Important exam question patterns and question domains are covered, and Chad guides you through the exam registration process.
  • Cloud Architecture and Design: Covers the first exam question domain and introduces the basics of cloud architecture. Various cloud deployments, service models, shared responsibility model, and introductory concepts of highly available architectures are covered.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Network Security: Covers the first half of the second exam question domain. Access management types, identity provider types, credential management, and cloud network security concepts are some of the main topics covered in this module.
  • Security Controls and Incident Response: Teaches the implementation of cloud security. This section covers the second half of the second exam question, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Network Security. It also covers the incident response plans.
  • Deployment: Covers the third exam question domain. It begins with an introduction to cloud subscription models, covering the basics of resource deployment and the different resource types that are in scope for cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud Monitoring, Operations and Optimization: Covers the first half of the fourth exam question domain. Logging mechanisms, the basics of monitoring, and how to use passive and active strategies are covered. The process of optimizing cloud resources is discussed in depth.
  • Cloud Automation and Business Continuity: Covers the second half of the fourth exam question domain. This module begins with various automation strategies for the deployment and maintenance of cloud infrastructure and applications. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and Disaster Recovery (DR) are covered in depth.
  • Troubleshooting: Takes a deep dive into overall troubleshooting methodology, with all the steps of a troubleshooting pipeline of tasks. You also get deployment and connectivity troubleshooting scenarios to test several possible root causes and determine various types of configuration and automation problems.
  • Next Steps: Foucuses on the next steps you can take to further your understanding of cloud infrastructures, security, deployment, and troubleshooting.

Skill Level


Learn How To

  • Prepare for the CompTIA Cloud+ exam
  • Deploy and automate secure cloud environments
  • Support the high availability of business systems and data
  • Choose appropriate cloud infrastructure models based on technical requirements

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of virtualization, IPv4 networking, and IT troubleshooting strategies
  • Review the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam Objectives

Who Should Take This Course

  • Cloud beginners
  • AWS beginners
  • Project managers
  • Anyone wanting to start their CompTIA certification journey

Released 6/2023

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