Complete Intro to React, v8

Complete Intro to React, v8


In this 3-day training, attendees will go from knowing nothing — or very little — about React to building a whole app using React and the surrounding tools in the React ecosystem

By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn

  • Learn the latest APIs like hooks, suspense, and effects.
  • Learn how to build production-ready React applications.
  • Learn the tools necessary to package client-side applications.
  • Find out how to use tools like Prettier and ESLint to maintain high-quality code.
  • Learn how to write React with and without JSX so you can understand how React works.
  • Learn the various life cycles of React to be able to coordinate AJAX requests and integrate with third-party libraries.
  • Learn how to write a single page application using the new Reach Router.

Published 12/2022

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