Complete Guide on Design of Solar Power Plant for Beginners

Complete Guide on Design of Solar Power Plant for Beginners


In this Course You will Learn the Following Points in Detail:

  • Introduction about the On grid system
  • How to Read the electricity Bills
  • Initial Site Assessment and Discussion Parameters with Consumer
  • Techniques of Area Measurement
  • How to Collect Substation and  Metering Room data
  • Calculation of Average Power Demand
  • Calculation of kW Size of Solar Power Plant
  • Introduction About Design Strategies of Solar Strings and Solar Array
  • Types of Solar Panels
  • How to Read the data sheet of solar panel
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Wiring with MC4 Connectors
  • Concept of Series and parallel connection in Solar String
  • Types of Solar Inverters
  • Reading the datasheet of solar inverter
  • Calculation of Maximum and Minimum Solar  Panel per String
  • Concepts of MPPTs and Strings
  • Calculation of Number of Solar Panels and String Sizing
  • DCDB Selection with Protection Breakers
  • ACDB Selection with Protection Breakers
  • Tilt angle and Orientation Setting of Solar Array
  • Placement of Solar Array over Flat  Roof
  • Concept of Solar Mounting Structure
  • Various types of Solar Mounting Structure & Foundations Used in Solar Project
  • Introduction about Strategies in Cable Selection
  • Reading the Datasheet of DC cable
  • DC Cable Sizing
  • Reading the Datasheet of AC cable
  • AC Cable Sizing  in Excel
  • Introduction about Earthing System
  • Earthing Sizing in Excel Sheet
  • Introduction about Lightening Arrester System
  • Selection of Lightening arrester from datasheet
  • Introduction about  SLD Diagram in Solar System

Money Back Guarantee:

In this course, a diversity of points regarding Design of Solar Power Plant are covered. We are confident that it will be extremely beneficial to you, in your studies.

About Author:

I am Prof. Kiran Beldar, I am a professor in Mumbai University in India. I am teachings the renewable energy subject in Mumbai university.  I am the author of a book of ” A to Z design of rooftop solar Plant”. Teaching to my students and spreading knowledge amongst the solar technicians is my passion. I always present 24/7 for my students. I guaranteed Hope this online course will definitely help online learning community And the tree of knowledge will spread all over the world

Who this course is for:

  • Solar Students
  • Solar Installers
  • Mechanical Engineering Students
  • Electrical Engineering Students
  • Solar Entreprenuers
  • Solar Business Persons
  • Those who are curious about solar energy


  • No Prior Experience is needed. You will learn everything in this course
  • No any software knowledge is required to take the course.
  • Basic excel knowledge is required to take the course
  • You will get all basic knowledge in solar field after taking the course.
  • Very nicely all parameters has covered in design of solar plant. It will definitely help you in your solar career.

Last Updated 3/2023

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