Cisco Telemetry Concepts Overview & Design

Cisco Telemetry Concepts Overview & Design


A foundation of network management is the ability to retrieve statistical data from your networking devices so that you can establish baselines and trends, and hopefully identify problems before they become critical. Historically this has been done using a “Pull” model which involved pulling the data via commands or SNMP from your devices. Telemetry provides the same (if not more detailed) data using a “Push” model in which telemetry subscriptions cause your networking devices to push relevant data to you. This couse reviews some of the foundational elements required for telemetry to work (such as APIs, NETCONF and YANG) and then introduces you to the concepts and terminology behind model-driven telemetry. You will also see a lab demonstration of creating a dynamic, dial-in telemetry subscription and even have lab opportunities to experience for yourself what it is like to create dial-in and dial-out telemetry subscriptions!

Released 3/2023

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