ChatGPT Expert Class with Prompt Writing & Money Making Tips

ChatGPT Expert Class with Prompt Writing & Money Making Tips


My other course reviews:

“My goodness, this course is short and sweet. A step by step instructions to use ChatGPT to make YouTube Shorts. “

– Alex (* * * * *)

“You have to get this course to believe it that Divyesh made very good course for people who want to learn and earn. Thanks.”

– James (* * * * *)

“Very precise and practical explanation in short duration. No more lengthy learning. Thanks.”

– Trey (* * * * *)

“Clear instruction and quality content from instructor. I have learnt tips and tricks to create YouTube Shorts using ChatGPT.”

– Velez (* * * * *)

Looking to explore the endless possibilities of AI in content creation? With our cutting-edge technology, you can instantly generate a wide range of content including video scripts, online courses, job proposals, SEO keywords, resumes, and much more. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to effortless productivity. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or creative professional, our AI-powered tool can help you achieve your goals in no time. So why wait? Unlock your potential today and experience the power of AI content creation.

You are at the right course!!

This course is for Freelancers, Business owners, Digital Marketers, Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs or just a curious person.

This is an expert and step by step course with 18 lectures showing you what is ChatGPT, What it can do and how how you can leverage the power of AI for your business, work or personal life.

The goal of the course is to help you learn tips, tricks and techniques for using Prompts for ChatGPT and use it for your benefits.

By end of the course you will be equipped with practical knowledge and skills to use ChatGPT for various projects and also learn 99 ways to earn money using ChatGPT.

· Take your productivity to next level by harnessing power of ChatGPT and AI.

· Automate your daily tasks and save time, energy and money

· Equip yourself with tips and tricks on how to properly use Chat GPThow to write better prompts and get better results

· Understand the limitations of ChatGPT and why it can’t replace human feelings and power of thinking

· Learn money making tips so you can generate passive income using AI and ChatGPT

Why you should buy this course?

1. This is an expert guide to learn ChatGPT for beginners to pro

2. This course is for the person who wants to become ChatGPT expert

3. You will understand ChatGPT in detailed manner than before

4. You will be able to download 2500+ ready to use prompts and 10articles about ChatGPT that will make your life easier

5. You will get access to Prompt Engineering guide to help you write better prompts and get better results

6. You will also learn 99 ways to earn money using ChatGPT and practical step by step videos to get you started

Ultimately, you will be able to provide your services on Fiverr or Upwork as freelancer

You’ll have lifetime access to:

· All individual video lessons

· Prompt engineering guide

· 2500+ ready to use prompts

· 99 ways to earn money and practical ideas

· Articles

· Updates to all future bonuses

· Direct access to me via Q&A section

So what are you waiting for? 

Enroll now and start your journey towards AI.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to become expert in ChatGPT and Prompt Engineerig
  • Anyone who wants to boost their productivity by 10x
  • People who are using ChatGPT for work or business or personal life
  • Anyone who are interested in artificial intelligence, natural language processing or chatbot technologies
  • Curious people who want to learn new technologies like ChatGPT and OpenAI
  • Someone who want to improve their day to day operations or prompts
  • Entrepreneur, student, professional or someone curious in new trends
  • Someone who want to learn how to earn, make money and generate passive income using ChatGPT and AI
  • Passive income seeker looking to use Artificial Intelligence
  • Freelancer who wants to learn how to use ChatGPT to provide services
  • Digital Marketers who are interested in learning OpenAI tool
  • Business owners who want to streamline and automate their operations


  • No prior experience with AI or any programming knowledge is needed. Just your eagerness, motivation and desire to learn and explore new technologies!

Last Updated 5/2023

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