Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Masterclass 2023

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Masterclass 2023


This course will cover everything that you need in order to pass the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Exam.

Course specifically tailored to address all the requirements and know how to deal with CKAD Exam.

Right amount of theory along with easy to use convenient single click copy paste styles code snippets to assist in no friction learning.

Scenario based questions to be as realistic and similar to real world learning to accelerate you towards your goal of become a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer professional.

How to setup a minikube cluster and practice all the required exam objectives.

How to do Blue Green Deployment in Kubernetes

How To Do Canary Deployment in Kubernetes

How to work with Kubernetes Secrets

Readiness, Liveness Probes

Jobs, Cronjobs

Deployments, Fix Deprecated Deployment

LimitRanges, Resource Quotas


Just Enough Docker to pass CKAD Exam

Just Enough Helm to pass CKAD Exam

Multi Container Logging

Logging Sidecar Pattern

Kubernetes Role Based Access Control

Kubernetes Memory CPU Resource Limits

Scenario Based Question – Use Specific Service Account

Scenario Based Question – Create Pod as Per Specific Requirements

Scenario Based Question – HostPath, StorageClass, PV, PVC

Scenario Based Question – Allow Network Communication using existing NW Policy

Scenario Based Question – Update Deployment with SecurityContext

Scenario Based Question – Fix Liveness Probe

Scenario Based Question – Fix Failing Deployment

Scenario Based Question – Canary Deployment

Who this course is for:

  • You need some knowledge and hands-on experience on Kubernetes. This is not a Beginner level course. This is the right course if you are already have knowledge, concepts and Hands-on with Kubernetes and now you wish to get certified.


  • Some Level of Knowledge and Hands-on with Kubernetes

Last Updated 4/2023

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