Card Magic MASTERCLASS: Amaze People With Magic Tricks!


The place to learn magic in no time, perform in every setting, and get crazy reactions.

Have you ever wanted to learn magic, be more confident in social situations, or have a few tricks you can use at a party?

I created this course in order to take you from whatever level you are at to an advanced stage where you can perform magic anywhere and anytime, create your own original tricks, presentations and routines, and get amazing reactions with whatever you have on you.

This is your chance to learn everything from one source, an award-winning magician, without having to spend hours online trying to find videos which match your level. The best part is: you can start performing right after watching the first video, and most of the material you will be able to do with close to no practice and start amazing people today!

I believe magic can have a place in almost everyone’s life, and I will teach you the proper way to perform in no time, with no practice, and seem like an absolute professional.

What’s included?

There is two hours of content guiding you through all the key areas of magic in order for you to perform in any setting. There is an abundance of theory videos, so you can understand what makes a trick deceptive and how to make it more powerful and get more reactions, as well as other topics such as misdirection or coming up with original presentations. I have also included live performances, so you can watch the nuances and details we discuss in the videos in action and see the amazing reactions which these tricks get! There is also a bonus Facebook group, so you can keep learning and discussing magic for free with myself and other students. All of the tricks are recorded with proper lighting and great HD quality.


  • Perform amazing tricks and astonish people right away
  • Make a chosen card appear anywhere such as a lemon!
  • Perform magic anywhere with all sorts of objects
  • Construct your own tricks and routines
  • Come up with original presentations to suit your personality
  • Learn to design your performance in order to generate crazy reactions from your audience
  • Make any small object vanish and reappear in all sorts of fun and creative ways
  • Handle a deck of cards as a complete pro
  • Professional level magic tricks


  • A private Facebook group to keep learning and discussing magic for FREE
  • An amazing extra secret which gets surreal reactions and is super easy to perform

Magic is an amazing way to connect with anyone. No one can act indifferently to a moment of impossibility because it resonates with the very core of our human essence. This art form has brought me amazing adventures, stories, and anecdotes ranging from all sorts of settings: from receiving a standing ovation performing in a theater with over 800 people to getting ridiculous tips in an esoteric bar in Japan to performing with artists of global recognition such as the Spin Doctors or Jackson Browne or simply making people entertained for a few short minutes. It is such a grateful art form which allows you to come across as a complete pro and perform stunning effects in a matter of minutes and you have to take advantage of this. 

Magic can truly be used in any situation and I genuinely believe that it has a place in everyone’s life.

I have tons of stories of students shocking all sorts of people and I can’t wait to hear all of your fantastic anecdotes.

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