Building ChatGPT Clone & Text to Image Generator

Building ChatGPT Clone & Text to Image Generator


Welcome to Building Chat GPT Clone and Text to Image Generator course. This is a fully guided project based course where you will be building a clone version of Chat GPT an AI text to image generator using Python and Gradio. Despite the fact that building a Chat GPT clone might sound a bit intimidating due to the complexity of the project, nonetheless, there is nothing you should worry about since the course will guide you step by step on how to get there. For this project we will be mainly relying upon Open AI API to get data and integrate it to Gradio which is an open source Python framework to test and deploy AI models. This clone project will be able to perform just like the real Chat GPT where it takes whatever input from the users, afterward, the produced output from Chat GPT clone will imitate human-like response since the user interface is fully integrated with the Open AI API system. Thus pretty similar to AI text to image generator, it takes a text as input from the users and the output produced will be an image where it was made possible by Open AI API.

For those of you, who are not confident with your skills in Python or you might have not had previous experience in Python programming before, there is no need to worry since this course also comes with a basic Python training session where you will learn all the basics that you need to excel on this project. Last but not least, this course based project will enable you to learn many things at once and it turns out to be the most efficient way to learn since you are actively implementing all of your knowledge and skills into building real projects.

List of things you will learn in this course:

  1. Basic Python Training Session
  • Understanding several data types in Python
  • Operating List in Python
  • Creating function and passing parameters in Python
  1. Actual Project:
  • Learn how to connect to Open AI API
  • Gradion integration
  • Building Chat GPT clone
  • Building AI text to image generator
  • Understanding the logics behind AI chatbot

Who this course is for:

  • ChatGPT and OpenAI enthusiast
  • Python beginners who want to build an AI project


  • No programming experience is required since this course comes with basic python training session
  • Dedication to learn and creative mindset

Last Updated 3/2023

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Building ChatGPT Clone & Text to Image (1.1 GB) | Mirror

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Building ChatGPT Clone & Text to Image Generator.torrent (51 KB) | Mirror

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