Bootstrap 5 From Scratch | Build 5 Modern Websites

Bootstrap 5 From Scratch Build 5 Modern Websites


This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to build modern websites and UIs using the Bootstrap CSS framework. This course is very beginner friendly, but is also for anyone that wants to build some cool projects.

The course is broken up into a few parts…

The Bootstrap Sandbox

We will start off by learning all of the important Bootstrap classes, utilities, helpers, etc by using the Bootstrap sandbox. This is a collection of files that are categorized for certain components and areas such as buttons, typography, grid columns, flex, etc. You will have a starter version without the classes and we will go through and add the classes and talk about them and in some cases examine the CSS. We will use the sandbox for all of the CSS components as well as the JavaScript widgets such as the carousel, accordion, toast notifications and so on.

Mini-Project Challenges

There will be a couple mini-projects that I will ask you to complete yourself, based on what you learned in the sandbox sections. This includes a pricing grid, ratings component and a user list. I may add more to this section as well.

Starter Template / Boilerplate

We will be creating a template and environment to build our main projects. This will include using NPM (Node Package Manager) to install Bootstrap and Sass. We will customize Bootstrap by changing Sass variables and then compiling a custom bootstrap.css file. If you don’t know NPM or Sass, that is fine. I explain everything as I go.

5 Main Websites

Next, we will use the starter template to create 5 great looking websites. In these websites, we will use Bootstrap componenrs, JavaScript widgets as well as some custom JavaScript and 3rd part libraries to give us a little more functionality.

The websites are as follows:

– Ebook Website – Website that offers a free ebook about starting a blog

– Corso Website – Website that offers training courses and seminars

– Portfolio Website – Modern looking portfolio for developers

– Yavin Website – A business that creates custom office spaces

– Vera Website – Software solutions website

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to build high quality websites & UIs using Bootstrap


  • You should know the basics of HTML and CSS

Last Updated 6/2023

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