Body Restore

Body Restore


Welcome to the ultimate stretch and recovery series. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Ajay James knows how it feels to put your body through the wringer after a rigorous career in the elite ranks of the military. But as important as it is to train hard, he knows it’s equally as important to recover as well. In partnership with Ajay James and the SEAL Future Foundation, we’ve created this exclusive collection of classes for anyone looking to promote healing after workouts, injury, or day-to-day tension. These 10- to 15-minute classes are targeted by body area to deliver instant relief by improving your blood flow, mobility, and range of motion. With regular practice in your routine, you’ll speed up your recovery process and create a sustainable stretching habit for years to come.

In this series, you will

  • Speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness with 10 targeted stretch classes and a breathwork session
  • Improve your mobility and range of motion
  • Reduce stress levels and boost your mood with regular movement

About SEAL Future Foundation

SFF is on a mission to provide Navy SEALs a foundation that supports their well-being, education, and career to continue a life of service within their communities. This includes pairing SEALs with essential healthcare, providing career mentorship, facilitating education, and creating community.


  • Stick, Chair, Towel, Resistance Band, Lacrosse Ball, Strap

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