Blogging Masterclass: Turn Blogging Into A Full-Time Career

Blogging Masterclass Turn Blogging Into A Full-Time Career


Would you like to start your own profitable online blog? And have you ever thought about turning blogging into a full-time career? Then this course is for you! 

In this course, I will show you step by step how to turn blogging into a long-term career. We will learn how to set up your blog, find the right topics to blog about, and promote your blog to millions of people worldwide through Facebook ads and other highly effective marketing strategies. 

So what exactly are you going to learn in this course? 

In the beginning of this course, I will introduce you to the blogging platform Medium and will show you step by step how to earn money blogging on Medium through Medium’s open paywall and ad space rental. This course will cover 9 core areas, which: 

  1. IDEA GENERATION – How do I come up with great ideas for articles? 
  2. PROFILE DEVELOPMENT – How can I scale my profile to 1000 followers+ in the first month? 
  3. TECHNICAL BACKGROUND – How does Medium work? How is the algorithm set up? 
  4. BRANDING – How do I brand myself on the platform? 
  5. WRITING – How do I write engaging articles that people want to read? 
  6. GROWTH HACKING – How can I, without paying anything for marketing, scale my profile? (Focus: mass following and comment strategies) 
  7. DESIGN – Which kind of designs should I use for my articles? 
  8. MARKETING – How can I promote my articles on different online platforms? How can I generally generate more traffic for my articles? 
  9. BRAND SCALING & SALES – How can I generate sales through Medium? 

In the second part of this course, I will show you how to host your own website. We will learn how to use a website builder, how to brand our website, promote it via 3 kinds of Facebook ads and much more! You will learn how to drive traffic to your page and even learn how to monetise your blog on your own website. By the way, the website we will create will be fully responsive. 

At the end of this course, we will then cover the cryptocurrency-based platform Steemit. You will learn how to get started blogging on Steemit, earn money with articles and scale your profile. We will additionally cover a dozen tools that you can use in order to track your progress and generate notable income fast. 

While other courses leave you confused and only give you a glimpse blogging, this is an A-Z guide – the complete blogging masterclass! 

Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, that’s why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.


It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever. 

Go ahead and click the ‘take this course’ button and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling! 

Yours sincerely,

Leon Chaudhari 

– instructor – 

Who this course is for:

  • Bloggers who want to turn their passion into a full-time career
  • Anyone with a blog that wants to earn money through it
  • People that are looking for new ways to earn passive income
  • Everyone interested in blogging and editorial writing


  • You need a computer with good internet access
  • Please take a pen and piece of paper with you in order to take notes
  • You should have basic editorial writing skills

Last Updated 4/2018

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