Blender Masterclass: Learn Blender in only 6 Hours

Blender Masterclass Learn Blender in only 6 Hours


Welcome to Blender Masterclass: Learn Blender in only 6 Hours! (This course is 100% compatible with Blender 3.x)

Ever dreamed of being a 3D Artist but can’t afford the very high prices of 3D applications? Well then it’s time you take a look at Blender. Blender is 100% Free and Open Source which means it’s being developed faster than any other 3D application currently out there. New features are being added all the time, and any existing bugs get fixed very quickly because of the nature of being Open Source.

Blender has completely redesigned it’s interface, and I personally think it’s one of the most practical and user friendly interfaces available.

This course consists of the following lessons:

The Blender Interface
3D Modeling Basics
Pivots and The 3D Cursor
Using a Reference Image for Modeling
Smooth Shading vs Flat Shading
Adding Lights To Your Scene
Using HDRI Environments
Modifiers Overview
Array Modifier
Mirror Modifier
Boolean Modifier
Solidify Modifier
Subdivision Surface Modifier
Proportional Editing
All About Collections
All About Parenting
Animation Keyframes and The Graph Editor
Materials Basics
UV Unwrapping
Material Node Editor
Volumetric Lighting And Fog
Ridged Body Simulations
Cloth Simulations
Camera Settings
Rendering Your Animation or Scene
BONUS Lesson – Basic Character Rigging

And of-course much more – in only 6 HOURS!!!

Follow along and become the 3D artist you’ve always dreamt about.

Let me teach you how to use one of the most exciting 3D Applications out there!

See you in the first lesson!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in the 3D Animation Industry
  • Anyone interested in creating 3D Models
  • Game Designers
  • Game Asset Designers
  • 3D Printing Hobbyists
  • Anyone interested in the VFX Industry


  • Basic Computer Skills

Last Updated 7/2020

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