Basic to Advance Python for Data Analysis – Part1

Basic to Advance Python for Data Analysis - Part1


In this Part1, I will teach you Python on my favorite software Pycharm however you can use any IDLE ,If you wish to. It does not matter at all.

  • What are variables and data type used in Python
  • Declare variables and function to know the data type
  • How to use constructors and why do we need to learn them.
  • Know in and not in operators, logical operators, comparison and arithmetic operators
  • How to pick up the error descriptions and solve the errors using them
  • How to use for loops and do loops and use them with IF statements
  • How to use Nested IFs and how to take care of indentations – Very important concept
  • What are functions in Python and how to create user defined functions
  • Rules to know before creating a Function
  • Scope of a variable – Local and Global concepts
  • Deep dive into Lists and use of lists in Loops with IF Statements
  • In detail learning about Tuples and use with Loops and every crucial method we should know.
  • Strings data types and their accessing approach plus methods to handle data
  • What are error handlers and how to use them.
  • Introduction to a random module and where you can use it.
  • Create a Guess a number game using Loops and lists
  • Create a project to identify odd and even numbers
  • Create a project to guess and number but this time user should be given 3 attempts
  • Find out which game has won the highest medals using two lists.
  • Print function with every small detail . Its parameters like Sep and end – how to use them
  • F string advantage over normal text if you write in Print function
  • My assistance to your questions and replies

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers interested in Data Analytics
  • If you are someone who wants to learn powerful programming language other than spreadsheets to do data automation and fabulous analysis


  • No prior programming knowledge is needed because this course has started from zero level.
  • You need to download Pycharm IDLE to do programming and this is free of cost. Though ,course codes can be used in your other favorite IDLEs too,if you wish to like Jupyter notebook or spyder.
  • Entire course is at right pace , projects are discussed to gain confidence.

Last Updated 11/2022

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