Angular Fundamentals from Scratch & Unit/Integration Testing


This course is exclusively designed for beginners to understand ANGULAR fundamentals for Front end Web Development and ability to perform white Box TESTING such as Unit Testing , Integration testing for the code using various Testing Frameworks like Karma, Jest, AngularBed, Jasmine etc

This course is divided into 2 Phases

Phase 1:

Introduction to Front end Development – Phase 1 explains the fundamentals of Angular including TypeScript Fundamentals to develop Front end Real time Apps from Scratch.

No programming Experience needed to start with this course. I have covered everything needed to make you familiar with every concept taught in the course

Phase 2:

Unit/Integration Testing – After Solid Understanding of Front end development using Angular in Phase 1, Phase 2 explains how to write Unit Tests and Integration Tests for the developed Phase 1 Code using Testing Frameworks like like Karma, Jest, AngularBed, Jasmine, Mock Services, classes etc

All Testing (White Box Testing) Frameworks concepts are also given with Scratch level explanation.

please note that This course will not deep dive into HTML learning but that will not affect you to learn ANGULAR.

By end of this course, one can start building Web Apps with Angular and write Solid Unit Tests and Integration tests to test their code as per Industry Standards

This course can be a great resource to Junior Developers and especially to SDET’s to get involved into  White Box testing Strategies to better understand code and write solid Unit/Integration Tests.

Who this course is for:

  • developers
  • SDET
  • QA Automation Engineers
  • Front end devs
  • Software Engineers


  • Basic HTML knowledge helps

Last Updated 7/2021

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