Advanced WordPress & Elementor | Build A Membership Website

Advanced WordPress & Elementor Build A Membership Website


For a long time, students have been asking Ricky to produce a course where his students will master the skills to go away and build their own membership website…whether it’s for your own business or for your clients.

And to follow on with his other top-rated and best-selling WordPress & Elementor Mastery courses, this one is finally here to further catapult your skills and experience as an industry-leading WP developer.

In this comprehensive course, Ricky will lead you by the hand as you build a beautiful, modern membership website together as if you were behind him following along as you build this technically challenging and visually stunning website together.

With over a decade of experience building just about any website imaginable using WordPress & Elementor, you will learn the ‘exact’ processes, tools and workflows Ricky uses to build websites for his own businesses and for his clients.

Ricky’s undeniable passion lies in WordPress and Elementor as he pioneers his own design techniques and leads the cutting-edge world of beautiful, dynamic WordPress development.

This course will advance your own personal skills as a WP developer where you will:

  • Master flexbox containers and truly responsive web design for visually stunning and modern websites
  • Learn about paywalls and premium memberships, where we build a members-only dashboard and navigation menu that are only available to certain membership levels
  • Learn how to accept monthly and yearly reoccurring payments, on-off payments and lifetime access payments
  • Master advanced Elementor design techniques that will blow your visitors, clients and customers away with super-clean and modern designs
  • Bring your pages to life using page animations, motions effects, scroll effects, mouse effects, parallax effects & more

If you are wanting to take your WordPress & Elementor skills to the next level so that you can build a stunning membership website for yourself or for your clients as a service, then this is the course that is going to progress you from an intermediate level to a complete master of your craft.

Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners who want to build their own membership site with premium, paid content and paywalls
  • Beginner & Intermediate WordPress & Elementor users looking to expand their skillset
  • Existing WordPress developers looking to expand their knowledge & work flow
  • Web designers looking for unique, fun and quirky design techniques
  • Web developers looking to branch out into the words most popular Content Management System (CMS)
  • Anyone looking to build complex websites for their own business
  • Anyone looking to build beautiful and complex websites for clients for which they can charge a premium for


  • Basic/intermediate understanding of WordPress & Elementor
  • Please check out my beginner WordPress courses if you do not have a basic understanding of WP & Elementor
  • Elementor Pro subscription ($59 a year, fully refundable within 30-days if you just wanted to try it out)

Last Updated 8/2023

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