Adobe Firefly Master Class – The Next Step in Generative AI

Adobe Firefly Master Class - The Next Step in Generative AI


Welcome to the Adobe Firefly Master Class! This is your opportunity to delve into the exciting field of generative AI and master Adobe’s newly launched Adobe Firefly Generative AI tools. A suite that will redefine the boundaries of creativity and productivity [it’s free(!)].

Course Overview:

This dynamic course is designed for anyone looking to get familiar, comfortable and eventually master Adobe’s new Generative AI tools. Beginning with a comprehensive module on the fundamentals of generative AI, including prompt engineering. We will then cover every Adobe Firefly Generative AI tool, both in the browser and in Adobe’s software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

As a “living” course, it will continually evolve, expanding with new lessons as Adobe releases additional Generative AI/Firefly tools.


  • Participating in this course places you on the cutting edge of design technology.
  • Gain intimate familiarity with the power and potential of Adobe Firefly’s toolset.
  • Equip yourself to navigate the future of AI-driven design.


Upon completion of the course, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Firefly’s Generative AI tools. You’ll have the knowledge to distinguish what is and isn’t possible with these innovative tools, empowering you to use them to their full potential in your personal or professional creative projects.

Course Details:

  • You can use all Adobe Firefly tools for free in the browser after making an Adobe account.
  • We also look at how these Generative AI tools are integrated in existing Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator. For that you do need an active Adobe liscence for the respective apps.
  • When finished, don’t forget to download your Certificate of Completion, validating your newfound proficiency.

Join us now in this fascinating exploration of generative AI with Adobe Firefly. Unleash your creativity, future-proof your skills, and take the next big leap in your design journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Generative AI
  • Users of Adobe apps looking to stay up to date with the newest developments
  • (Graphic) Designers looking to stay ahead of industry trends


  • Adobe Firefly is FREE TO USE. But, the Generative AI tools like Generative Fill are also being integrated in Adobe apps like Photoshop. Using these requires a liscence to the respective apps.

Last Updated 6/2023

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