3-Day Refresh Yoga

3-Day Refresh Yoga


Are you feeling sluggish after a holiday meal or an indulgent vacation? Have you always wanted to try a cleanse but are overwhelmed by the thought of starvation or don’t have any idea where to begin or how to prepare?

3-Day Refresh Yoga covers all the bases with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan and three gentle yoga workouts to help get you back on track in just three days.

What Is 3-Day Refresh?
3-Day Refresh is a specially designed nutrition program of protein-packed shakes and easy-to-prepare vegan meals. The 3-Day Refresh program can help provide a gentle cleanse and help you get a clean break from bad eating habits, learn about clean eating, and kick-start weight loss.

3-Day Refresh is a simple, straightforward program that will help improve the way you feel — without starving yourself. In only three days, you may shed a few pounds and create new clean-eating habits that you can apply well beyond the three days of your cleanse.

Released 3/2023

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