JavaScript Programming Made Easy for Beginners and Testers

JavaScript Programming Made Easy for Beginners and Testers


In this course, I have explained all the concepts of JavaScript Client side programming language as required for understanding the basic web technologies, that are required for beginners and Software Testers.

All the Software that are required for learning JavaScript are covered as part of this course itself.

All the pre-requisites like HTML, CSS and DOM that are required for learning JavaScript are also covered as part this course itself.

This is an end to end course, where you can know how JavaScript can be used in Web Designing and also how it can be used as part of Client side programming.

The main focus of this course is the programming side of JavaScript, where all the programming concepts shown in the below list of topics are covered:

The below are the topics covered in this session:

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Download, Installing and using Visual Studio code along with Live Server Extension
  3. HTML, CSS and DOM basics for JavaScript
  4. Executing the JavaScript code – Let’s Begin
  5. Printing output using console.log() and document.write() DOM statements
  6. Separating the JavaScript code from HTML code and executing
  7. Executing the JavaScript code using node.js
  8. Variables, Data Types and Literals in JavaScript
  9. Operators in JavaScript
  10. Comments in JavaScript
  11. const versus var keywords in JavaScript
  12. Control Flow Statements in JavaScript
  13. Conditional Statements in JavaScript – if, if else, if else if else and switch
  14. Looping Statements in JavaScript – while, do while and for loops
  15. break and continue Statements in JavaScript
  16. Functions in JavaScript
  17. let versus var keywords in JavaScript
  18. Declaring variables without any var keyword in JavaScript
  19. Objects in JavaScript and for-in loop
  20. Arrays in JavaScript
  21. Type Casting in JavaScript
  22. Dates in JavaScript
  23. Strings in JavaScript
  24. Classes, Objects, Class Properties, Constructors and static
  25. Encapsulation in JavaScript
  26. Inheritance in JavaScript
  27. Method Overloading not supported by JavaScript
  28. Polymorphism – Overriding Methods in JavaScript
  29. Using super keyword and super() in JavaScript
  30. Constructor Functions in JavaScript
  31. Abstraction in JavaScript
  32. Prototype in JavaScript
  33. Numbers in JavaScript
  34. Math Object in JavaScript
  35. Sets in JavaScript
  36. Maps in JavaScript
  37. for of loop with Strings, Arrays, Sets and Maps
  38. Regular Expressions in JavaScript

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn JavaScript from Scratch


  • All pre-requisites i.e. HTML, CSS and DOM are covered in this course itself

Last Updated 1/2023

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