Deep Dive: Modular Monoliths in .NET

Deep Dive Modular Monoliths in .NET


Deep Dive into the advanced patterns of Modular Monoliths in .NET

A monolith refers to a software application that is deployed as a single physical deployment. Many monolithic applications lack sufficient structure and end up becoming Big Balls of Mud. By contrast, a modular monolith breaks up the application into logical modules which are largely independent from one another. This provides many of the benefits of more distributed approaches like microservices without the overhead of deploying and managing a distributed application. In this course, we will build on top of your existing knowledge of Modular Monoliths that you gained during the Getting Started course of the series and you’ll learn how to apply advanced Modular Monolith patterns and add more features to the RiverBooks ecommerce site.

Last Updated 6/2024

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